Coronavirus Policy


    OT Studios is deeply committed to the health and safety of our employees and clients and we thank you for adhering to our guidelines in the efforts to keep everyone safe.

    OT Studios will schedule up to three kiddos per session in the clinic provided the guidelines below are followed. If you are opposed to having another child in the space during your sessions please notify your OT immediately and email us at [email protected]

    As this pandemic continues we ask our families to:

    • All adults must wear a mask when in the clinic
    • Only one parent is allowed in the clinic with their child
    • Please maintain 6FT distance at all times
    • If your child is able to wear a mask at school (if they have resumed in-person classes) they must wear a mask in the clinic
    • If anyone at your child's school has contracted COVID please notify us immediately
    • Please cancel your session immediately if your child has had any flu like symptoms.
    • Please notify your OT if you have or will travel out of state at any time.
    • -Please pick up your child on time. Our OT's need to sanitize and prepare the space for the next client and we need to use the time immediately after your child's session to do so.

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