Halloween Costumes and Sensory Issues 

Helping your child find the perfect halloween costume can be a HUGE task all in itself! It can be even more challenging when trying to find a costume that your kiddo can wear comfortably without feeling the itchy velcro or tutus or masks that feel suffocating to those with sensory needs. Here are some tips and simple costume ideas to still allow your child to participate in halloween without feeling overwhelmed by tactile sensitivities or left out in any way! 

  • Soft and familiar material is best. 
  • Listen to your kiddo on what they wanna be and try to accommodate as best you can.
  • Acknowledge what feels best on your child’s skin.
  • Avoid excess materials and layers, like masks, face paint, hats, tutus, etc.
  • Layer regular clothes under a bigger-fitting costumes to promote comfort and avoid your child feeling unwanted materials and textures.
  • Use simple pretend play dress-up costumes, like a doctor’s or firemen’s coat that you can find year-round. 
  • Animal onesies or themed-robes can be soft and appealing to kiddos for a simple costume. 
  • Themed pajama sets can also be a great sensory-friendly costume.
  • Think about everyday clothes that could be turned into a halloween costume (i.e. a red and white stripped shirt = Where’s Waldo?)