OT Studios founded by Dr. Reema Naim

OT Studios, Inc was founded by Dr. Reema Naim, a Doctor of Occupational Therapy who received her OTD, OTR/L from the University of Southern California. Continue reading to learn more about OT Studios.

Her goal in starting OT Studios was to design an intimate creative space where OT could be provided. Dr. Reema Naim is SIPT certified and a CAS (certified autism specialist) who combined her passion for sensory integration and the creative arts to develop the SensoKids, which are characters that represent the sensory systems most used in Ayres Sensory Integration.

The studio space is unique in the fact fewer children are treated within the space per session, which ultimately provides less distraction and allows treatment to be administered in an intimate environment while including the socialization element necessary for peer play.

Here at OT Studios, our therapists are highly trained and qualified to provide the best quality of services to our kids.

Children's playground with blue slides and colorful plastic balls in the pool.