Meet the SensoKids

OT Studios is home to the SensoKids, four sensory seekers who each represent a sensory system involved in Ayres Sensory Integration (ASI).

Our kids at OT Studios are familiar with the SensoKids and can choose desired play equipment using them as symbols for different sensory input.

Sensory Book for Babies - Emma - Sound and sight

Emma represents the sound and sight sensory systems.

Sensory Book for Babies - Pro - Proprioception

Pro represents proprioception, the muscle activity sensory system.

Sensory Book for Babies - Teresa - touch, taste and smell

Teresa represents the touch, taste and smell sensory systems.

Sensory Book for Babies -  Vizzy - Vestibular Sense

Vizzy represents the vestibular sense, the balance and movement sensory system.