If you read our last blog, you know there are a total of SEVEN senses (not just 5)! Let’s talk a little deeper about how some of our specific senses are intertwined.

Our TACTILE or TOUCH sensation helps to detect a variety of things including: pain, temperature, vibration, texture, light touch, and DEEP TOUCH. 

Deep touch = PROPRIOCEPTION! This sense more specifically helps one feel deeper sensations and is closely related to BODY AWARENESS. 

So, it can be said that our tactile sense helps body awareness through proprioception! 

Do you find that your kiddo is frequently bumping into objects, other people, or falls down often? If a child has underlying issues in tactile sensory processing, affecting the ability to feel deep pressure senses of touch, the body awareness can be highly affected and can cause these types of issues.  

Ways to help improve body awareness through engagement in tactile and proprioceptive activities: 

  1. Heavy work activities such as-
    • Animal walks 
    • Carrying, pushing, or pulling heavy objects (i.e. grocery bags or laundry baskets) 
    • Wall pushes 
    • Jumping and crashing 
    • Climbing 
    • Exercises like push ups or planks 
  1. Tactile play with-
    • Playdoh 
    • Clay 
    • Resistive putty 
  1. Give your child-
    • Tight squeezes or bear hugs 
    • Massages